So, I haven't been blogging in a while.

No, I swear I'm not broke and can't afford an internet connection. It just means I've got a new, real, 40-hr-a-week, full-time job! Right now I'm doing print and web design for Reed Taylor Fitness. For the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a bunch of research on Yoga and getting a feel of what colors, shapes, and patterns are usually being used in the design. Maybe I should actually try it. (Sike.) Work really starts this week with some simple photo editing, drawing up some book cover thumbnails and picking out some color schemes. I'm sort of just using this blog entry to recap what I've done and what I should be getting to. 

Pretty soon I'll be ridiculously busy beyond what I'm used to. 

I've finally re-enrolled for school at CSB for Multimedia Arts so classes start up in May. This doesn't  mean I'll be dropping my full time job though. Yikes. 




Updated Portfolio!

As I await the day my dual citizenship kicks in and I no longer have to deal with student visa applications, I also await the day I can start school... again. Lately I've been pumping out a bunch of sketches in my art journal, weird ideas and notes, and a crap load of cheap/volunteer design work. My print portfolio seems to be growing. Pretty soon I'll have new stuff in my Web and Identity sections, and maybe even a new layout, so come and visit the site again soon. (Assuming people other than prospective clients/employers actually view this.)

Til then, have a Happy Love-just-one-other-person-rather-than-love-everyone
14th-and-make-the-world-jealous-lonely- bitter-angsty-and-uncomfortable day!



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